Managed Service Providers

Solving on-demand workforce challenges

Your clients are increasingly adopting liquid workforce models, meaning they are engaging larger and larger communities of freelancers, consultants, contractors and SOW resources. You need a technology solution to complement your contingent workforce program and maintain control, insight and the ability to positively impact the clients total talent strategy.

The Talon Solution for MSPs

Fully branded and configurable

As an MSP, you would have access and permissions to help your client implement and manage a fully branded freelance and direct sourcing strategy.

End-to-end talent strategy

Manage your client's end-to-end talent strategy and strategic workforce planning by integrating with the full HR technology stack.

Rapid resourcing

An intelligent matching engine and searchable resource directory makes it easy to manage a on-demand community of thousands. Search, filter and drill-down to exactly the skills and experience you need for any given project.

Talent pools

Talent pools and engagement through regular communications keeps a 'ready-for-action' bench of talent available to adapt to your client's fast-paced business changes.

Why Talon

End-to-end strategy

Enables MSP to offer a 360˚service for a truly end-to-end approach to strategic workforce planning.

Growth potential

Harness the opportunity of direct sourcing and rapidly emerging on-demand workforce channels rather than miss out on their potential.

Revenue opportunity

Provide additional services around talent pool building, freelancer compliance, rate/quality management and cost control.

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