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Solving on-demand workforce challenges

The challenge

You need to remain competitive and cost effective in a high pressure business environment. The demand for skills is outpacing your ability to hire staff and you need more flexibility, so you need to make your on-demand community of freelance designers, writers, editors and creatives a viable, scalable resourcing channel.

The TalonFMS solution

Intelligent matching engine

TalonFMS' intelligent matching engine and searchable resource directory makes it easy to manage a on-demand community of thousands. Search, filter and drill-down to exactly the skills and experience you need for any given project.

Cost control

Intelligent project matching, searchable directories and visibility of charge rates allow you to control and ensure consistency on project costs.

A bench of talent

Talent pools and engagement through regular communications keeps a 'ready-for-action' bench of talent available to adapt to fast-paced business changes.

Compliant onboarding

Custom compliant onboarding processes protect you and your business from IP, security and regulatory risks.

Why TalonFMS

Branded & standalone

Your branded, standalone instance of TalonFMS provides you with a secure, private community of vetted talent.

Seamless integration

TalonFMS helps you manage your end-to-end talent strategy and strategic workforce planning by integrating with the full HR technology stack.

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