Finance and Fintech organisations

Solving on-demand workforce challenges

The challenge

Technology is disrupting your industry. Competitors are racing ahead with services and products, and traditional recruitment channels just can't cope with the pace of change.

The TalonFMS solution

Robust vetting

Background checking, reference checking and competency testing ensures only the right freelancers, contractors and consultants can join your on-demand talent community.

Powerful search

Powerful search and project matching inside TalonFMS finds and engages the right on-demand resources in seconds.

A bench of talent

Talent pools and engagement through regular communications keeps a 'ready-for-action' bench of talent available to adapt to fast-paced business changes.


The project workspace, combined with project milestones, allows your freelancers, consultants and contractors to adapt to changing business and project requirements in an agile manner.

Why TalonFMS

Branded & standalone

Your branded, standalone instance of TalonFMS provides you with a secure, private community of vetted talent.

Seamless integration

TalonFMS helps you manage your end-to-end talent strategy and strategic workforce planning by integrating with the full HR technology stack.

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