SAP Fieldglass customers

Solving on-demand workforce challenges

We are proud to be part of the SAP Fieldglass Digital Network and our technical integration with the core Fieldglass Vendor Management System (VMS) platform allows their clients to make use of TalonFMS to complement their Fieldglass deployment and facilitate:

  • Direct sourcing
  • Freelancer management
  • Efficient use of referrals, alumni, silver medallists, etc.

Where a organisation is managing their contingent workforce program via SAP Fieldglass, TalonFMS can be utilised to enhance the VMS process by providing efficient curation of the specific workforce channels that we cover in a seamless end-to-end process.

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Through the automation, visibility and control provided by TalonFMS for direct contingent workforce channels it is possible to avoid spend falling outside of the contingent workforce program by combining everything into the standard VMS interface thus making full contingent workforce control possible through SAP Fieldglass as the central point of truth.

For most organisations, adding complexity to, or entirely replacing, existing HR technology and systems is simply not possible. By contrast, TalonFMS looks to improve the management of freelancers and direct contingent suppliers by complementing existing HR processes and integrating with key components of their HR technology stack such as SAP Fieldglass and interfacing with other essential parts of the program chain where required e.g MSP, EOR, etc.

Some example scenarios are:

1. / A client wants to make more effective use of referrals, at the moment they are just passed to the MSP for compliance and payment but they are not retained or recycled. In this case the TalonFMS Fieldglass integration can be used to manage and develop this channel which then allows the client to focus on cost savings and efficiency by increasing the use of high-quality on-demand referral candidates. Added to this the client can then work proactively to develop this channel by engaging with recent leavers, silver-medallists, returning mums and dads or company-wide referral schemes. This is a huge missed opportunity for many organisations and one that which, if managed effectively can be an invaluable source of on-demand talent that can be aligned to their brand in the long-term.

2. / The second example is where a client has a separate freelance or consultancy spend that currently sits outside the contingent workforce program, this can quickly and efficiently be brought under the VMS through TalonFMS as their direct contingent talent channel.

3. / You need a technology solution to allow your organisation to create an efficient Direct Sourcing model for contingent workers that allows you to maximise value whilst maintaining control, insight and the ability to include this workforce channel as part of your wider talent strategy.

The Talon Solution for SAP Fieldglass Customers

Direct sourcing

Talon enables an organisation to source contingent workers directly through talent acquisition activity, and manage onboarding, compliance and the full engagement process through a simple, intuitive cloud based platform.

Custom registration

Customisable registration workflows provide your external talent with a straightforward, structured process for joining your on-demand talent community.

Agile working

The project workspace, combined with project milestones, allows your freelancers, consultants and contractors to adapt to changing business and project requirements in an agile manner.

Why Talon

Fully branded and configurable

Your branded, standalone instance of Talon provides you with a secure, private community of vetted talent.

Seamless integration

Talon helps you manage your end-to-end talent strategy and strategic workforce planning by integrating with the full HR technology stack.

SAP Silver Partner

Feel confident knowing Talon is a member of the SAP Partner Network, and can provide expert support throughout integration and deployment of your instance of Talon.

Fieldglass Digital Network

Proudly part of the SAP Fieldglass Digital Network and our technical integration with the core Fieldglass Vendor Management System (VMS).

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