Direct sourcing

Improving efficiency and reducing costs.

The challenge

Your business has a regular requirement for external talent, including freelancers, consultants, contractors and SOW engagements. You are looking to optimise or develop this workforce channel but recruitment costs are impacting your ability to keep project budgets under control and maximise efficiency. You want to take advantage of the opportunity and cost savings offered by a direct sourcing engagement model but you need a software solution to help you manage this across a large organisation.

The TalonFMS solution

Intuitive project posting

A streamlined, intuitive project posting process guides you through creating rich, detailed project briefs. The TalonFMS smart matching process then ensures projects are instantly matched with suitable members of your talent community.

Real-time applicant funnel visualisation

Real-time applicant funnel visualisations allow you to make better direct-sourcing decisions. See exactly which projects can be serviced with your existing talent community, and which need you to look externally for different skills and experience.

Job board and social media integration

Direct sourcing is made easier with integrations with job-board and social media platforms. In just a couple of clicks, you can share your project requirements with a range of popular job-boards or with your extended network in social media.

Project applications are routed directly into your instance of TalonFMS, allowing you to retain full control over who can join your talent community and track applicant sources accurately

Compliant onboarding

Customisable onboarding workflows provide your external talent with a straightforward, structured process for joining your on-demand talent community.

Retaining onboarding control de-risks direct sourcing and enables you to enforce IP, Security and regulatory checks and balances.

Why TalonFMS

Branded & standalone

Your branded, standalone instance of TalonFMS provides you with a secure, private community of vetted talent.

Seamless integration

TalonFMS helps you manage your end-to-end talent strategy and strategic workforce planning by integrating with the full HR technology stack.

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