FMS for RPOs and MSPs

Freelancer Management System for
Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Managed Service Providers

The continuing growth of freelancing creates risk but also strategic opportunities for RPOs and MSPs.

The gig economy is growing and RPOs/MSPs are in danger of missing out

freelance growth by 2020

30% of the workforce will be freelance by 2020.

Poor freelance process management

Freelance interactions often bypass standard processes, creating risk & inefficiency.

TalonFMS provides a software layer for RPOs and MSPs to manage a freelance workforce

Manage onboarding/compliance

Optimise cost control

Maximise freelance talent

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Onboarding & Compliance

search and talent pools

Search & Talent Pools

engage manage

Engage & Manage

reporting and dashboards

Reporting & Dashboards


The Benefits for RPOs and MSPs of using TalonFMS

Including the freelance management process in your offering enables you to:

Provide additional services around freelancer compliance and cost control.

Create a competitive advantage by offering a true 360° service

Integrate freelancers and the gig economy into an end-to-end talent strategy.

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Download the factsheet

Download the TalonFMS for RPOs factsheet.

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