Talon: Customer Leader in Contingent Worker Management SolutionMap

SpendMatters' SolutionMap 2018 Results

SpendMatters' SolutionMap 2018 Validated!

Discover how the 2018 Solutions rates our Talon Freelancer Management System and what this means for you, when you're looking to select and integrate an FMS into your HR and talent technology stack.

In this guide:

What is the Spend Matters SolutionMap?

Your choice of FMS is a major factor in implementing a Direct Sourcing Strategy or overcoming the hidden workforce epidemic and the challenges of managing a freelance workforce. It is very important to make an informed choice when selecting a technology to manage your contingent workforce.

"Contingent Workforce Management technology is the most dynamic procurement technology market at the moment," says Spend Matters Research Director of Services and Labor Procurement Andrew Karpie, "with new types of solutions covering increasing types of specialized spend and external labor emerging across the landscape."

Tools like the Spend Matters' SolutionMap help you to make a quick assessment of the main solutions providers and narrow your shortlist of potential vendors.

"We’ve designed SolutionMap to aid the practitioner so they may better understand and analyze the customer experiences, market developments and technological innovation of the myriad solution providers by process competency," said Jason Busch, Founder of Spend Matters and Lead Solution Analyst.

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Understanding the different buying personas

Every organisation has a unique blend of IT capability, complexity of structure, pace, culture, ambition and location. The SolutionMap buying personas reflect this and group organisations into one of three types.

Before reviewing the SolutionMaps, first decide which persona(s) best reflect your organisation.

NIMBLE Persona

My organisation: Dynamic, results-focused, limited IT department involvement, risk-tolerant of new approaches and providers; Often decentralized, rapidly growing, and/or middle market.

We need: Speed to value, low pricing; Modern, intuitive, cloud-based software with optional value-added services.

DEEP Persona

My organisation: Highly sophisticated, rigorous, somewhat complex, risk-tolerant, happy to push limits of tech to create more value.

We need: The most comprehensive, tailorable solution for the job; Best-in-class functionality, breadth, depth and ability to support our sophistication

TURN-KEY Persona

My organisation: Outcome-focused; TCO approach to implementations; Often risk-averse and skeptical based on previous experiences.

We need: A combination of software capability and supporting services to contractually deliver results and a defensible ROI; Pre-loaded capabilities, content, and know-how.

The SolutionMap Results

Below you'll find the Spend Matters' SolutionMap 2018 results.

How to interpret the SolutionMap

Providers can be recommended by either achieving Customer Value (horizontal axis) or Solution scoring (vertical axis) that is above the average based on the weighted criteria for each specific persona, which are as follows:

Solution Leaders are recommended providers with above average analyst scores (upper left quadrant).

Customer Leaders are recommended providers with above average customer scores (lower right quadrant).

Value Leaders are providers with both above average analyst and customer scores (upper right quadrant).

Remember: It is recommended to decide which buying persona reflects your organisation before viewing a SolutionMap.

NIMBLE Persona

Talon - Value Leader

NIMBLE persona

DEEP Persona

Talon - Customer Leader

NIMBLE persona

TURN-KEY Persona

Talon - Customer Leader

NIMBLE persona

What it means for you

The 2018 SolutionMaps reflect our mission to develop tailored contingent workforce solutions for each of our clients. Every instance of TalonFMS is branded and standalone. This provides you with a number of benefits:


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