Freelancer Management Systems: 5 must haves for your RFI

Look for these 5 essentials when shortlisting Freelancer Management System (FMS) vendors

Your choice of FMS is a major factor in overcoming the hidden workforce epidemic and the challenges of managing a freelance workforce.

Discover the 5 essential, must-have, components to look for when shortlisting vendors in your RFI process.

In this guide:

Onboarding your freelance community seamlessly

Freelancers and contractors are an important part of an organisation's talent strategy. Being able to access highly skilled professionals on demand enables organisations in print, media, marketing, construction, healthcare and many other industries remain productive and profitable.

FMS  with bespoke onboarding

Onboarding should be freelancer-friendly and meets all of your organisation's compliance requirements

The first consideration for your FMS vendor shortlist is the requirement to seamless onboard your existing freelance community. A seamless onboarding process:

Supporting freelancers engaged directly or through an agency

In markets like the UK, where there is a healthy relationship between organisations and recruitment agencies, RPOs and MSPs, it is very likely a decent proportion of an organisation's freelance workforce will be engaged through an intermediary.

To be able to provide visibility of an organisation's entire freelance workforce, an FMS must be able to support:

Freelancers deserve an FMS

Arguably, the FMS' most important function is to provide management information and reporting. The insights gleaned from an FMS' management reporting are the key to making better resourcing decisions.

FMS  with bespoke reporting

Real-time, bespoke reporting provide management information relevant to your organisation's goals

For an organisation to make the best resourcing decisions, the FMS should be able to provide real-time bespoke reports. The exact reporting requirements will differ from organisation to organisation but, in general, might include:

Freelancer utilisation

Freelancer spend vs budget

Integration with your other systems

In the majority of organisations, their freelance workforce will be part of a much larger overall workforce. Being able to connect an FMS to other external systems will enable an organisation to include the use of freelancers in their overall talent strategy - knowing where to use freelancers, and where to invest in permanent roles.

Many larger organisations are already comfortable using a Vendor Management System (VMS), and this could be a key point of integration.

FMS integrating with a VMS

Integrating FMS with VMS: Cloud-based platforms make integration simpler.

Our guide on FMS or VMS explores how to integrate an FMS with a VMS.

Summary: The 5 must haves for your Freelancer Management System RFI

To shortlist the right vendors in your RFI process, you should look for the following must haves:


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