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Managing the long tail of smaller SoW engagements that fall below procurement control

The opportunity

An international recruitment business wanted to help its managed-service clients tackle the challenge of controlling the vast number of SOWs that don't quite hit the thresholds for Procurement to be involve. For example, the smaller projects valued up to around £100,000 that happen regularly in most business units.

The result

Visibility, analytics and control were the three core pillars of the solution. The first step was to tailor their instance of TalonFMS to optimise the supplier management capability. This included implementing a custom taxonomy, additional search filters and specific supplier profile information.

TalonFMS' standard milestone functionality helped introduce a level of control, where supplier progress and payments were now able to be connected to project milestones.

Analytics also meant that, in real-time, the client could see which vendors and suppliers were good at hitting deadlines and budgets versus those that were not.


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