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Talon enables organisations to maximise the cost-saving potential of a direct sourcing program.

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Projects & Requirements

Talent Pools

Build & Curate Private Talent Pools

Improve the effectiveness of your direct sourcing program by building and curating private, vetted talent pools of contingent talent.

Reduce your time-to-hire and significantly reduce the cost of hiring contingent talent through second-tier recruitment agencies.

Applicant funnel visualisation

Channel Agnostic Talent Acquisition

New talent can be taken from any required source and guided through your specific onboarding processes.

You can also tie in to specific campaigns that link in to your Employer Value Proposition (EVP), Careers site and allow you to build your population from the wider market.

Project matching

Real-time Project Matching

Talon's smart matching engine helps you to find skilled resources for your projects in seconds. In addition, intelligent Applicant Funnels show exactly where your private talent pools have available talent, enabling end-to-end strategic workforce planning.

Project workspace

Best-in-Clase Candidate Experience

Modern, intuitive workflows ensure candidate adoption and improve project fill-rates. And integration with email marketing platforms ensure your contingent workers stay engaged - even when they are in-between projects.


Onboarding & Compliance

Reduce risk and improve the quality of your direct sourcing program with configurable, automated, onboarding programs.


Design automated onboarding steps bespoke to your organisation's needs.

electronic signature

Include document uploads, electronic signatures, questionnaires and more.

Reduce your exposure to IR35, GDPR and other regulatory risk

Vetting procedures, documentation storage and expiry notification help to put in place robust and flexible onboarding compliance checks to ensure you minimise risk when working with directly-sourced consultants, contractors and freelancers.


Deployment & Customisation


Branded & Standalone

Every instance of Talon Direct Sourcing is branded and standalone. This provides you with a number of benefits:

  • Your instance of Talon Direct Sourcing is optimised to help you answer the question, "what's the best use of our on-demand resources?"
  • Best fit for your organisation through customisable worker categories, onboarding processes, approvals and process workflows.
  • Your on-demand talent is yours. The standalone nature of the platform ensures you maintain exclusivity over your on-demand talent community and build engagement for the long term.

Taxonomy & labelling

In addition to customising the interface, Talon Direct Sourcing is also optimised to your specific taxonomy of job roles. This ensures the platform fits your industry, is easier to use and has high user adoption, because it uses terminology and phrases your organisation and people understand.

Seamless integration

Talon Direct Sourcing helps you manage your end-to-end talent strategy and strategic workforce planning by integrating with the full HR technology stack.

Through customisable and secure API connections, you can integrate:


Connect Talon Direct Sourcing securely to a range of Vendor Management Systems, like SAP Fieldglass, to enable seamless management of on-demand freelance, consultancy and directly engaged contractor resources alongside larger SOW and staffing agency resources.

External vetting sources

When you need to handle additional worker and contract vetting, your instance of Talon Direct Sourcing can integrate with a range of external vetting services, like Verifile, to conduct and consolidate the results from identity, financial and reference checks, etc.

Finance platforms

To provide insight, analytics and cost reporting, you can connect finance platforms like SAP, Oracle and Basware and other financial purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing solutions.

Engagement tools and channels

Engaging your on-demand talent community is key to improving the speed and efficiency of project resourcing and cost management. Connect your instance of Talon Direct Sourcing to your email, SMS and blogging communication channels to deliver connected training and engagement programmes designed for your freelancers, consultants and contractors.


Analytics & Reporting


Live dashboards give hiring managers up-to-the minute status of your direct sourcing program.


Bespoke management reporting gives you the finance or performance reporting you need.

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