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A direct sourcing platform with unrivalled performance and configurability

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You did it.
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A direct sourcing platform with unrivalled performance and configurability

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Your on-demand talent deserves the best. Now give them even more.

Fully branded and configurable

Welcome your freelancers and contractors with your brand. Fully configurable including customisable skills taxonomy.

Seamless Integration

Connect your instance of Talon with your VMS, ATS and finance systems for a seamless experience.

World Class User Experience

Engage your freelancers and contractors with a smart, intuitive experience from registration through to hire.

Bespoke Reporting

Configure reports and dashboards to give you management information on what matters to your business.

Projects & Talent Pools

Searchable Directory

Search by a combination of skill, location and rate to find the right freelancer or contractor for your project.

Private Talent Pools

Talent pools allow you to build an on-demand 'bench' to reduce the time to hire for regular projects.

AI Powered Matching

Talon's intelligent matching engine helps you to find skilled freelancers and contractors for your projects in seconds. Applications are sent in real time to your inbox and saved in your account so you can access them easily.

Intuitive Hiring Experience

Quickly assess your application funnel for any project requirement. See exactly where effort is required: attracting new talent, onboarding, or engaging applicants.

Clean, intuitive project workspace

Manage your freelance talent via our secure and simple communication system, making it easier to keep communication and files in sync with your project.

Improve project delivery with milestones

Configure milestones to improve the management and cost control of larger projects, contracts and statements of work.

Talent Acquisition & Quality Control

Advertise requirements on job boards and social media platforms

New talent can be taken from any required source and guided through your customisable registration processes.

Share your requirements on popular job boards and social media platforms with just a couple of clicks, but retain full control over who is accepted into your private talent community.

Channel agnostic talent acquisition

Promote and grow your private talent community with flexible project promotion and sharing. Create specific campaigns that link in to your Employer Value Proposition (EVP), Careers site and allow you to build your population from the wider market.

Configurable registration process

Design automated onboarding steps bespoke to your organisation's needs. Include document uploads, electronic signatures, questionnaires and more.

Quality Control

Vetting procedures, documentation storage and expiry notification help to put in place robust and flexible compliance checks to ensure you minimise risk when working with external consultants, contractors and freelancers.

Enterprise Ready

For large organisations, Talon is ready to deploy:

  • Multi-language support
  • Cross-border compliance
  • Advanced Data Privacy controls
  • ISO27001 and security tested

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