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Untangling your freelance workforce

3 simple solutions rolled into one powerful product

Find a freelancer

Improve how you find and organise your freelance workforce

Your challenge:

Distributed control and lack of visibility of which skills freelancers have across your organisation.

The TalonFMS solution: Find & Organise

Cloud-based platform for centralising control. Freelancer Search Engine for rapid discovery of available freelance resource.

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Simplify the hiring process so it takes minutes to hire a freelancer

Your challenge:

Lengthy, ineffective process for briefing and managing the projects given to freelancers.

The TalonFMS solution: Engage & Manage

Easy to use step-by-step project posting wizards means hiring and briefing takes minutes. Once your project is underway, TalonFMS then facilitates communication and filesharing without any fuss.

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Post project

Remove skill shortages through effective collaboration

Your challenge:

Your teams struggle to resource projects because they can't find talented, recommended freelancers.

The TalonFMS solution: Collaborate & Share

  • Collaborative Talent Pools allow individuals and teams to create pools of their preferred freelancers and share them across your organisation.
  • Reviews allow teams to find and engage with freelance talent recommended by their peers.

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Talent Pools

Take a look at how TalonFMS works

Designed to work with large organisations who need a simple, scalable way to manage their freelance workforce.

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