Freelancer Management System

Smart software for organisations to manage their on-demand and direct contingent workforce.

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Branded, standalone solution for enterprises and organisations who utilise on-demand talent

Enabling complete end-to-end talent acquisition strategies and wider strategic workforce planning.

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Respond to business needs and new project requirements quickly and simply with intelligent project matching and searchable resource directories.

Provide clarity and visibility of on-demand resource utilisation and costs

Improve compliance with custom onboarding, document processing and vetting processes

Seamless integration with the complete HR tech stack

“TalonFMS delivered a solution that exceeded our requirements, and it was flexible and scalable enough to fit in with our existing internal systems and processes”

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Useful resources

Talon: Customer Leader in Contingent Worker Management SolutionMap

Discover how the 2018 Solutions rates our Talon Freelancer Management System and what this means for you, when you're looking to select and integrate an FMS into your HR and talent technology stack.

IR35 in the Private Sector

Understand how to reduce the risks of working with off-payroll contractors, freelancers and statement of work engagements.

Managing a Multi-Channel Workforce

The multi-channel workforce is here. And it's believed to already represent 30-50% of the workforce. Discover more about the multi-channel workforce and how to manage it effectively.

Featured solution

SAP Fieldglass Customers

Where a organisation is managing their contingent workforce program via SAP Fieldglass, TalonFMS can be utilised to enhance the VMS process by providing efficient curation of the specific workforce channels that we cover in a seamless end-to-end process.

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