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Freelancer Management System


FMS for large organisations working freelancers, independent consultants and SoW engagements.

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“Talon’s on-demand workforce platform offers PostNL great functionality and excellent features to optimize the experience - especially regarding the GDPR, where there are comprehensive controls available.”


“TalonFMS delivered a solution that exceeded our requirements, and it was flexible and scalable enough to fit in with our existing internal systems and processes”

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“TalonFMS boasts the highest client survey score among its peers in the Independent Contract Workers solution category.”

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Using your brand to attract the best freelance and contract talent makes a direct sourcing strategy an attractive proposition for large organisations.

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How to scale a direct sourcing programme using on-demand workforce software.

Talent Pool Technology

Learn about talent pools and how to reduce costs and time-to-hire by managing your organisation's talent pools with modern technology.

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SAP Fieldglass Customers

Where a organisation is managing their contingent workforce program via SAP Fieldglass, TalonFMS can be utilised to enhance the VMS process by providing efficient curation of the specific workforce channels that we cover in a seamless end-to-end process.

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